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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance provides financial cover for problems arising on holiday. Travel Insurance policies can include cover for medical expenses, cancellation, delays, lost or stolen baggage, cover of golf equipment and personal accidents.

Why buy Travel Insurance?

Lost baggage, delays, cancellations and trips to foreign hospitals are a regular occurrence on many holidays and these have significant cost implications. Without holiday insurance you are liable to foot the bills (which can be considerable). Isle of Man residents can incur additional costs due to their location. Learn more about Travel Insurance for the Isle of Man.

What does Travel Insurance Cover?

The level of cover depends on which type of policy you select. We know that one policy doesn’t fit all, which is why our online quote system gives you a number of options to choose from. Key things to look for are the limits on medical expenses, cancellation and baggage, but every customer needs different things so think about what you may need.

How much does Travel Insurance Cost?

The cost of Holiday Insurance differs depending on your holiday, your personal circumstances / medical conditions and what you want your policy to include. Get a quote to check the price for your holiday.

What is the best travel insurance?

Unfortunately there is no easy answer. Our holiday insurance is tailored to your personal circumstances, medical conditions, holiday plans and level of cover you want. The best travel insurance is one which offers you the highest level of cover and makes it easy to make a claim when something goes wrong. It’s easy to choose the cheapest holiday insurance policy but by opting for a premium, high quality travel insurance policy you will get better value for money.

What’s the difference between single trip and annual travel Insurance?

Single trip travel insurance covers you for one holiday over a specified period. Annual holiday insurance, often known as multi-trip travel insurance, covers you for a full year for numerous holidays within that period. Make sure that you check the length of cover per trip as different policies offer different lengths. If you’re going away for an extended period you can choose a long stay policy.

Do I need any Travel Insurance Extras?

This depends on your holiday plans, personal circumstances and the cover you want. Have a look through the optional extras and policy documentation to make sure that you get the level of cover to suit you.

What is Winter Sports Insurance?

Winter sports insurance is designed for insured parties who are going skiing. You can also get Snowboarding travel insurance. These include things like, Cover for Equipment, Piste Closure and Avalanche Closure, Cancellation and Medical Expenses.

I’m going to be doing some adventurous activities on holiday, do I need extra cover?

It depends on the activities you are going to be taking part in. Please check the list of hazardous activities to select the right level of cover. Remember that you can Contact Us by phone if you need any help.

Do you do Natural Disaster and ash cloud cover?

Yes, you can add this to your policy. Check the policy documentation to make sure that you have the level of cover you want.

How do I know which category my destination is in?

To make the quotation process as simple as possible we have organised all destinations into four categories (UK, Europe, Worldwide excl USA, Worldwide inc USA). To find out which category your destination falls into click on the information button next to the category. Don’t forget that if you need any help you can always Contact Us.

Why does my destination affect the price?

As with any Insurance product the price is calculated to reflect the level of risk. Some countries statistically carry more risk. In addition medical costs vary from country to country.

I have pre existing medical conditions, can I get Travel Insurance?

We aim to be able to provide travel insurance for everyone, which is why we have selected a panel of leading insurance companies who specialise in providing holiday insurance for pre-existing medical conditions. Our website includes an easy to follow online medical screening section. If cover is not available for your condition, you can simply choose to remove the medical section, however please note that this means that you won’t have ANY medical cover, not just for the condition declared, but this is extremely rare that this occurs as we try to provide cover for most conditions.

What is Medical Screening?

Medical screening is a series of easy to follow questions which ascertains the risk involved in travelling / going on holiday with pre existing medical problems.

I’m pregnant can I get Travel Insurance?

Yes, due to EU Gender Equalisation Legislation we do not base insurance premiums on your sex. Therefore you won’t need to declare that you are pregnant. However you will need to declare any conditions caused by the pregnancy. Please check with your doctor before you travel.

I struggle to find Travel Insurance because of my age. Will I get cover with you?

This depends on many different factors, such as health, destination, duration and activities, however we want to provide travel insurance for everyone which is why we have selected a panel of leading insurance companies who specialise in travel insurance for seniors.

Can I compare Travel Insurance on your site?

Yes, we have selected a panel of leading travel insurance providers so that you can compare different levels of cover as well as making sure that you get the best rate possible.

I’m going on holiday for a year, do you do Insurance for this?

Yes, you can choose a long stay or a gap year / backpackers insurance policy.

I’m a university student going on a gap year, do you do backpackers travel insurance?

Yes, we have policies specifically designed for backpacking holidays and gap years.

Do you do cruise travel insurance?

Yes, we have policies specifically designed for customers who are going on a cruise.

I’m going away on Business do you cover this?

Yes, we have additional extras to include business cover.

I’m going to be playing Golf on my holiday, is this covered?

You can choose to add golf cover to your policy, which covers things like your clubs as well as giving you extra benefits such as hole in one Insurance.

How do I make a claim?

Making a claim is simple; we have selected a panel of leading insurers who use efficient claims handling procedures to make it as stress free as possible for you. Go to the Making a claim section of our site.

Why do Isle of Man residents need Travel Insurance?

It's really important that Manx residents have good Travel Insurance. Read why it's essential and what you should look for in a Travel Insurance policy.


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