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Do You Really Need Travel Insurance For UK Staycations?

Published by Natasha Beaumont on 27/06/2014

With Wimbledon under way and the Commonwealth games in a few weeks’ time, all the sporting entertainment is right on our doorstep. Even if sporting is not your thing, the current in-trend is Staycations. With many people preferring to holiday in the UK, crossing the channel for your holiday is no longer required.

Just like the shortest war in English history, it will take you less that 38 minutes to reach the Western side of England, only slightly longer for the Eastern coast. Due to the closeness of England, many Manx residents believe they do not require travel insurance. However this is not the case. Travel insurance not only covers you for any medical treatment whilst abroad or the UK but also any delays or complications with your travel.

With London being one of the most popular tourist destinations across the world, the city is very busy. Although it is safer than many other capital cities of the world, travellers still need to take precautions. Petty crime, such as pickpocketing and mugging, often take place in the tourist sites and on public transport. You should keep your important documents and necessities in an inner compartment of your luggage / handbag and never leave them unattended. Money and personal possessions such as cameras and phones are covered under your travel insurance, but you need to make sure the level of cover on your policy is right for the value of your items.

With surfing in Cornwall, sightseeing in London or shopping in Liverpool; England offers so much to do. However, imagine if you get ill or are injured in an accident and you are seriously injured (and unable to continue your holiday) or worse, you pass away. All your treatment will be covered under the reciprocal healthcare agreement, but bringing you back to the island isn’t. It can cost from £5,000 to £50,000 to do this, more if you are still alive as you have to travel with special equipment, a nurse and possibly a doctor. Most travel insurance policies don’t cover repatriation back to the Isle of Man, that why it is essential for you to check the wording to ensure you will be brought back home. It is also paramount that you declare any medical conditions as if you make a claim in relation to a condition and it is not declared on your travel insurance, your insurance company will not pay out.

Lets talk activities

So, what activities are you covered or not covered for? If you want to go surfing in Cornwall or trekking in the Peak District, for example, this is automatically covered. However if you want to go mountain biking in the Outer Hedrides or kayaking in the Lake District, these activites are not covered and you will have to increase your cover to Catergory B in the Hazardous Activities. If you want to go white water rafting (above grade 3) in Wales or compete in the Great North Run, you would need to increase your cover again up to Catergory C.  And for the adrenaline junkies out there.  Wanting to go rock climbing in Yorkshire or enter a competition for Horse Jumping in Surrey? You will need to further increase your insurance policy to Catergory D. Please note increasing your cover may indicate an additional premium. Although planning is boring, it is important to change your cover to the activities you will be undertaking.

Kestrel's Travel Insurance

Although many UK policies don’t, all our travel insurance covers repatriation back to the island should the worst happen. All of our insurance clerks are fully trained to offer you free, no obligation advice about obtaining the right cover for your trip. So if you’re a bit confused by it all, give our team a call today on 01624 624594 for a friendly chat.

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