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How to Buy Travel Insurance

Published by Roxanna Langstaff on 11/07/2013

Insurance can be complicated, and Travel Insurance is no different, so we’ve put together an guide to help make it simple for you to find a policy that suits your needs, but if you need more help, or just the reassurance of talking to someone, then you can always Contact Us.

1. The basics

The first thing you need to decide is whether you need Annual Travel Insurance or Single Trip cover. This will depend on how many trips you go on each year as to whether it is cheaper to buy one policy or multiple single trip policies throughout the year. We always promote that you buy annual cover just in case you nip off the Island for a few nights. Get a quote for an Annual policy or a Single Trip policy.

Top Tip: If you (or someone you want to include on your policy) has medical conditions or are a senior traveller you may struggle to get annual cover, so it may be cheaper to get a single trip policy.

You will then need to choose who is going on the policy and what countries you need cover for (for annual cover you can choose European or Worldwide)

2. Medical

This bit is really important; you need to declare your pre existing medical conditions to ensure that the insurer can provide medical cover whilst you’re away. If you don’t declare them then if something did happen (either relating to that condition or to a linked problem) then you would be left without any financial assistance from the insurer, leaving you with a big bill. Read our article on ‘What is medical screening and why do I need it’ for more information.

Some insurers make this a very complicated process, however at we’ve made this as simple as possible. We will ask you a series of questions to determine if you have a pre existing medical condition. If you fall within this category then we will ask you to enter the name of your condition(s). You will then be asked a set of questions to determine the severity of your pre existing medical condition. This helps the insurer to instantly calculate the risk of you having a medical emergency while you’re away so that they can give you an appropriate premium.

Top Tip: If you’re in any doubt as to whether you should declare a medical condition (perhaps you think that it’s not very severe or that you’ve not had a problem on holiday because of it before) then we strongly suggest that you declare it anyway – it’s better to let the insurer know than have a problem and find out you’re not covered.

3. Tailored to you

  • Before you take out your Travel Insurance think about any additional cover you may need:
    What activities will you be doing while you’re away? Check the list of hazardous activities in the policy wording to make sure that you’re covered. Policies available through Kestrel Travel Insurance allow you to pick different levels of hazardous activities so you can change the policy to suit your holiday.
  • Will you be skiing or playing golf while you’re away? If so then make sure that you add the winter sports or golf extensions to your policy.

Top Tip: If you realise after you’ve purchased your policy that you need to add something on then Contact Us to see if we can add the extras you need.

4. Keep in touch

It’s important that if your circumstances change, particularly in relation to your medical status, then you let us know before you go on holiday. If you don’t then it could mean that if you make a claim it could be rejected. Follow us on Facebook for regular updates and information.


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