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The Importance Of Good Travel Insurance For Your Winter Holiday

Published by Roxanna Langstaff on 28/01/2013

For many, there is nothing more exhilarating and enjoyable than skiing down snow clad slopes, and at this time of year so many of us are heading for northern Europe to enjoy winter sports. But whether you enjoy fast paced snowboarding, a more gentle ski or if après ski is more your cup of tea there are additional risks involved in a winter break so it’s important to get adequate Travel Insurance for winter sports. Get a quote from Kestreltravelinsurance.

What’s included?

As with all Insurance, it’s important to check your policy documentation to make sure that the cover provided suits your needs.  What is included in a ‘Winter Sports’ extension varies by Insurer and policy. However the list below gives you examples of some of the things Insurers may include:

  • Cover for your own ski equipment should it be lost, stolen or damaged (the Insurer will often pay a percentage of the cost of the equipment based on the age of your equipment to take into consideration wear and tear).
  • The cost of hiring ski equipment if yours has been lost, stolen, damaged or delayed.
  • Cost of travelling to another ski resort if your resort is closed due to a lack of snow. If there is no other resort available then you could get a payout.
  • Medical cover should you injure yourself whilst partaking in skiing or snowboarding.

What else should I consider?

Many resorts offer more extreme activities, to give you an extra thrill, such as tobogganing and snowmobiling. Prior to going on your holiday consider what activities you may wish to try. Then check whether your Travel policy covers this. If not, be sure to select the level of cover that includes the hazardous activities you are going to try.

Staying safe of the slopes

Whilst it’s essential to have good medical cover (so that if something does go wrong while you’re on holiday you don’t have to worry), avoiding injury with our top tips will help you stay safe:

  • Get a helmet – brain injuries causing disability and death is a scary prospect, but one which is very real while skiing and snowboarding so stay safe by buying or hiring a helmet and getting it properly fitted.
  • Learn how to fall – don’t overcorrect, attempt to break your fall or try to stay up on your skis, as these can lead to more serious injuries.
  • Stay within the boundaries – going beyond the guide ropes can expose you to many dangers such as avalanches.
  • Hydration – breathing in cold air and the physical exertion can mean that you can easily become dehydrated.
  • Get the right kit – wear plenty of layers to keep warm. If you are participating in more energetic activities, such as snowshoeing, you may need to remove some of the layers if they become damp as this can lower your body temperatures.
  • Guidance – follow the guidance of your instructor (if you have one or attend ski school) and the guidelines in place at your resort.

Get a quote for good value Winter Sports Travel Insurance.


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