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Top 10 Holiday Apps

Published by Roxanna Langstaff on 07/08/2013

With more and more of us taking our Smartphones on holiday (as shown by a recent report published by the International Travel Insurance Journal) it’s no wonder that they are replacing many of the useful items we used to take on holiday. Travel guide, camera, phrasebook and calculator, plus many other items that have all been made redundant with this clever tool.

Get the most out of your Smartphone on your summer holiday with our favourite apps of 2013 (and best of all, they are all free):

1. Facebook & Twitter

Stay in touch with your friends and family while you’re away. Make your pals envious by sharing your sunny snaps. Follow us on Facebook.
Cost: Free

2. XE Currency

This easy to use app uses live currency rates so you know the exact price of something in ‘our money’ when you’re away.
Cost: Free

3. Google translate

Whether you speak a foreign language fluently or whether you barely know how to say hello, this app provides language translation at the touch of a button. This simple app replaces a phrasebook and dictionary. Download the language pack of the destination you’re going to before you leave so that you can use this app without an internet connection.
Cost: Free

4. Trip advisor

As one of the most trusted holiday review sites, this app is great for checking out restaurants and attractions while you’re away.
Cost: Free

5. Pin Drop

This clever app (only available on iPhone) enables you to drop pins into places of interest while you’re on holiday so that if it’s closed or you don’t have time to explore it that day then you will remember where it was. You can also look at recommendations made by other people, so you won’t miss out on the best places to visit.
Cost: Free

6. Google Goggles

Looking for a place of interest but too shy to ask a local? Load up this app and take a picture of it. If the building is famous enough then it will take you to the Wikipedia page with everything you need to know.
Cost: Free

7. Touchnote

Who doesn’t like a postcard? This free to download app lets you turn your holiday snaps into a postcard and add your text. For just £1.49 they will print and send your creation anywhere in the world. Personalised Postcards!
Cost: Free to download

8. Sunscreen

Only available on iPhone, this clever app detects the UVI rating of your current locations. Input your skin type and the SPF you’re using and this app will alert you as to when you next need to apply the lotion.
Cost: Free

9. Instagram

There are so many photo apps available but this one is easy to use and has some really good features which will enhance your photos.
Cost: Free

10. Spotify

This is one for music lovers. Spotify gives you instant access to millions of songs. Just make sure you have a wifi connection.
Cost: Free

Top Tip: Turn off all of your roaming and cellular data settings on your phone, instead use the wifi connections available in and around your resort to avoid large data roaming charges.

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