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Top 10 Things That Could Invalidate Your Travel Claim

Published by Natasha Beaumont on 24/04/2015

When you’re travelling overseas, it’s always good to check your travel insurance to see what you will or will not be covered for in the event of a claim, so if the unfortunate did occur you could rest safely in the knowledge that you wouldn’t be left out of pocket. 

With that in mind, we have put together a comprehensive list to help you understand the grey areas of insurance so make sure you double check all of the below before travelling.

1) Failure to declare pre-existing medical conditions on your policy

Whether you’re trying to make your cover cheaper or have taken out a policy 6-months ago and forgot to declare the medical condition you were diagnosed with only 3-months ago, the one thing you should never do is fail to declare all of your medical conditions fully before travelling. All too often we hear news stories of holiday-makers stuck abroad in a hospital unable to pay medical bills because they weren’t insured. 

Yes, certain conditions make your cover a little more expensive but surely it’s a small price to pay in comparison to hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of medical bills should something go wrong?

2) Preventable or avoidable medical treatment/conditions

Been told not to fly by a medical professional? Then don’t. This clause also means that you should ensure you have all of the correct vaccinations for the country you are travelling to, so before you go away make sure you visit your doctor to ensure all of your jabs are up to date.


3) Excessive alcohol consumption

This is probably one for the Club 18-30 party-goers amongst us, but just to be on the safe side it’s best that all travellers are aware that injury or illness induced by excessive alcohol consumption will more than likely not be covered by your insurance.  


4) Sports and adventurous activities you’re not covered for

More often than not, you have to increase your cover to ensure your insured to take part in extreme sports; including skiing, quad biking and bungee jumping for example. Double check with your policy wording and or your insurer if you’re unsure what you are or are not covered for before jetting off. 


5) Not taking reasonable precautions

You are in charge of your own safety, so don’t leave yourself open to the likes of theft, illness, injury or disease (just some examples). Consult with your hotel/hostel to see if there’s a safe to keep your valuables (including money and travel documents), take your medication correctly, and make sure you’re inoculated appropriately for your destination, else you may find you’re not covered if you did not take all reasonable precautions to protect yourself. 


6) Reckless or illegal behaviour

If you do anything that is either against the law of that country or is putting your life or health at risk, the likelihood is you wouldn’t be covered in the event of a claim.


7) Your holiday destination

It’s always good to check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) before travelling to see what their views on visiting the country are. You may find that they advise against all travel to that country, or just to certain towns or villages but it’s vital that you check before you’ve booked your holiday and before you travel as many insurers won’t pay out a claim if the FCO have put restrictions in place. One of the summer destinations to watch out for is Tunisia, so if you’re thinking of booking a holiday there this summer make sure your airline provider will safeguard you should the FCO increase the current restrictions in place.  


8) Travel paid for using loyalty schemes or points

Make sure your policy covers your trip if you’ve paid for it with air miles, or have a timeshare. 


9) Failure to obtain visas and other travel documents

Before travelling, ensure you arrange all of the correct visas and travel documentation to avoid invalidating your policy. 


10) Working without suitable cover

Before agreeing to work when you travel, whether it be voluntary or paid, make sure you give your insurer a call to see if you’re covered. 

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