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Travel Advice For Those Making Essential Trips To Iraq Or Iran

Published by Natasha Beaumont on 20/06/2014

Amidst the continuing tension in Iran and Iraq as Iran tries to protect its counterpart from ISIS advances, it is vital that you take all necessary precautions and understand all travel advice offered to you if you’re making any essential trips to either of the two countries or are living in Iran or Iraq.

Where can you travel to?

Because we have partnered up with the government’s Know Before You Go scheme, we’re able to offer you an abundance of information about your chosen destination and some of the most crucial advice they give if you’re making an essential trip to Iraq and Iran includes travel warnings about where you should and shouldn’t go when you arrive. Understandably decades of tension has meant there are very few places you can go and be at all safe however the Foreign Office (FCO) has issued this updated, advisory warning as a result of recent events in both countries:

The Foreign Office advises against all travel to:


  • Within 100Km of the entire Iran/Afghanistan border
  • Within 10Km of the entire Iran/Iraq border
  • The province of Sistan-Baluchistan 
  • The area east of the line running from Bam to Hask



  • The districts of Ramadi and Fallujar in Anbar province and to the whole of Ninewah, Salah-ad-Din and Diyala provinces


The Foreign office advises against all but essential travel to:


  • The rest of Iran



  • The rest of Iraq, except the Kurdistan region


The FCO also suggests that if you are travelling to either country to:

  • Avoid any demonstrations or large gatherings of people, if you become aware of any nearby violence, leave the area immediately.
  • Employ professional security personnel, and take all necessary security precautions including building a contingency plan for every place that you visit.
  • Contact the FCO of your whereabouts if there is threat of attack, or you feel unsafe at any time. You can do this by texting Iraq2014 to +447860010026 and you will be sent instructions on how to send the information to the FCO. You can also call the FCO on +44 207 008 1500.

Security remains uncertain in both countries and many others across the Middle East, which means it could deteriorate more so very quickly. Having a number of contingency plans that you’ll be able to rely on and watching or reading regularly updated media reports will better your chances of remaining safe and secure as routes to exit points out of these countries can quickly become blocked or be closed.


Unfortunately, because these are such high risk countries you will find it incredibly difficult to find an insurance policy that will cover you whilst in Iraq or Iran and this is why you must be absolutely certain of what you can do to protect your own welfare and those travelling with you, at all times. Without a safety net, uneasy times can be significantly more daunting but the Foreign Office will always be contactable in any time of need. 


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