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Travel Insurance And World Cancer Day

Published by Roxanna Langstaff on 31/01/2013

With World Cancer Day on Monday, we’ve been thinking about the countless people around the world who suffer from this disease. Whether they have recovered, are receiving ongoing treatment or have a long terminal diagnosis, they all deserve a holiday to remember, a bit of a break or just some time to relax with loved ones. It’s still really important for Cancer patients to have good Travel Insurance but can they get good cover? If so, is it too expensive?

A lot of people would think that it would be very expensive, if they can even get any cover at all. You may find the answers to these questions quite surprising.

Can people with Cancer get holiday Insurance?

In the majority of cases yes, Cancer sufferers will be able to get Travel Insurance.

There are some instances where an Insurer deems the risk too high for them to be able to offer cover, for example someone with a terminal prognosis of less than 6 months will struggle to find cover from any Insurer.

At Kestrel Travel Insurance we offer a range of policies from Insurers who specialise in Holiday Insurance for people who have more severe medical conditions, including those who suffer, or have suffered, from Cancer.

Is it too expensive?

In short, no, Travel Insurance for Cancer patients isn’t always expensive. The price of cover is dependant on so many factors, the primary factor being the type, severity and prognosis of the disease. We then take into consideration the location of the holiday, what activities you may be participating in and how long the cover is for.

For example, a 49 year old Breast Cancer sufferer who is currently having Chemotherapy and is awaiting surgery could get Travel Insurance for a 7 days trip to France from as little as £26.

When won’t I get cover?

Unfortunately, there are instances where some Cancer patients won’t be able to get cover. For example, a patient with a terminal prognosis of less than six months will struggle to get a policy that will cover them.

However, on the whole we are able to offer a comprehensive Travel Insurance policy for Cancer sufferers and patients in remission.

How do I get cover?

With our online medical screening system, getting Holiday Insurance for Cancer patients is quick, simple and private. Simply choose whether you require Single Trip Insurance or Annual cover then follow the onscreen quote system.

Be sure to declare all your medical conditions; you will be asked some simple questions to help us ascertain whether you need to go through our online medical screening, then, when prompted, type in your condition and answer the questions relating to that condition. We will then show you all your quotes. To make life easier, you can purchase your policy online, ensuring that you’re covered straight away.

Our online medical screening system means that you can get a quote and buy your Travel Insurance policy without having to discuss your medical history and condition with someone else. It’s easy to do and all from the privacy of your own home.

Local Broker

If you’re not as familiar with the internet as others, if you’re not used to purchasing online or you just feel more comfortable talking your policy through with someone you can Contact us and our friendly team will be happy to help you. You can even drop in to your local branch for face to face assistance. That’s one of the many benefits of buying your Travel Insurance through a local Broker. 

Top Tip: if you’re struggling to get Annual Travel Insurance because of your medical conditions, try getting a quote for single trip Holiday Insurance for the period of your holiday.

Get a quote from Kestrel Travel Insurance.

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