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Will You Be Safe When You Go Travelling This Summer?

Published by Natasha Beaumont on 13/06/2014

As graduation ceremonies loom and the last of the students leave halls of residence for the summer holidays, the travel season draws quickly upon us. Flocking to famous destinations like Australia, South East Asia and South America, for most the summer of a lifetime is just a matter of hours away on a plane. But what would you do if you were struck down by illness or injury in a foreign country?

If you’ve landed on this page, I’m certain you wouldn’t be able to rely on your backpacker's travel insurance policy just yet so let’s take a look at everything you can do, in addition to buying the right cover that will protect you should you need any emergency medical treatment.

Top Five Tips For Staying Safe When You’re Travelling The World:

  • HIGH VALUE GOODS - Even if you have taken out a policy that has a high limit for lost luggage/stolen goods, please leave any high valued items at home. Jewellery is often sentimental and unfortunately, although we’d try our utmost best, we can’t replace what these things mean to you, we can just replace it for a new one.
  • VACCINATIONS – make sure you have had all of the recommended vaccinations for all of the countries you are travelling to.
  • STAYING SAFE – Once you’ve landed and the warm air engulfs your cold, British body be extra cautious. Particularly for those who have been sheltered by the extremely safe lifestyle they have become acquainted to on the Isle of Man, it’s difficult to think but whilst enjoying your trip make sure you’re aware that anything could happen. And don’t just keep yourself safe, make sure you always know where your luggage and belongings are, as the likes of drug smuggling are very common in the most prominent destinations to spend your summer abroad.   
  • REMEMBER – if you break your leg after a few too many bottles of beer, your insurance company will more often than not, not be able to cover you for these medical expenses. It’s like a bad hangover, you’re friends aren’t going to give you sympathy – it’s self-inflicted, so be as safe as you can when you’re at a Mardi Gras on the beach in Brazil, or enjoying the Full Moon Party in Thailand, else you may have to pay for the consequences yourself.


  • FOOD AND SAFETY GUIDELINES – Eating contaminated food and drinking contaminated water can cause illnesses such as hepatitis A, typhoid fever and travellers’ diarrhoea, drinking bottled water therefore is highly recommended but in case of emergency and you’re stranded without bottled water always carry the new water bottles that have a built in filter for extra safety in your backpack!


All of our insurance clerks are fully trained to offer you free, no obligation advice about obtaining the right cover for your trip. So if you’re a bit confused by it all, give our team a call today on 01624 624594 for a friendly chat. 

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